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What people say

Clarity, energy and passion

The Super Success Accelerator day with Vanessa was probably the biggest turning point for me in over 18 years of business. Whilst I may have spent many of these years pouring over figures and coming up with various ideas with no real direction, Vanessa managed, in one day, to cut through the clutter that’s bogged me down for so long and give me 20 – 20 vision.

I left knowing what was important, what I wanted to achieve, how I was going to achieve it and in what timescale it was going to happen; I was bloody knackered afterwards but felt so positive that I now had a direction.

Vanessa’s clarity, energy and ability to not get side tracked was what really drove the day forward to a very successful conclusion - how she kept so focused for the whole day is beyond me.

Make no mistake this day is not some ‘one size fits all’, Vanessa genuinely cares and has a passion for helping business and the individuals running them.

Chris Stone, Director
Bushy Business, Cranleigh

Productive and motivating – Just do it!

Yesterday I spent a hugely inspiring day with Vanessa. I came away with clear goals on where I want my business to go, a smart marketing strategy and an action plan to get me there. It was the most productive and motivating time I've had in years. I can't recommend enough. Just do it.

Martin Frise, Managing Director
Mailbox Etc. Wimbledon & Putney

An inspirational business support

Vanessa is a powerhouse and an inspirational business support. She egged me on to achieve, inspired me to achieve more, motivated me to achieve even more than I thought I could and made me believe that I could be all I wanted to be in business.

Working with Vanessa has been an experience of a life time, if you want to take the bull by the horns and run then Vanessa will help you to do that. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Debbie Walker
Passport to Change

A key turning point for me and my business.

Vanessa's help has been invaluable during the past year. She has a refreshingly down to earth approach to marketing by cutting out all the industry jargon.

On a one to one basis she skillfully and patiently analysed with me the underlying problems my business was facing at the time. Vanessa then helped me to decide on practical solutions and gave me confidence to put them into practice.

The Super Success Accelerator was a key turning point for me and my business.

Patricia Ellis
Managing director, Wizard Video Productions Ltd

Ano BS, no fluff approach!

Vanessa is clearly extremely knowledgeable and experience in her field, she has a no BS, no fluff approach which makes working with her a great pleasure.

Vanessa is key to much of my business growth and I would recommend her to any serious business owner!

Steve Perry, Pixal Ltd

Kick-started our marketing roadmap

A one day session with Vanessa has helped shape and kick-start our marketing roadmap.

Prior to Vanessa's help we operated in a sporadic, chaotic fashion with little in the way of ROI to show for our marketing spend. We now have a structured, measurable way of working with many strands to our communication and marketing campaigns.

Vanessa is very highly recommended if you need a fresh pair of experienced eyes cast over your operation to ensure you are doing the right things to grow your business

Mark Warner
Managing director, Headline Design & Print

Vanessa is a powerhouse

Vanessa is a powerhouse and has been instrumental in the success of my own business which I started nearly 7 years ago.

She is very committed and has enormous experience of running a business as well as mentoring individuals.

She is fun, friendly and will make you feel at ease as well as get the most out of you, so you can achieve. I can strongly recommend her for your business.

Tone Tellefsen Hughes
Director of Luck's Yard Clinic

A clear prioritised action plan with timescales…

I had done a lot of reading and research into different marketing methods and ideas that I felt I needed to implement for my business. However my problem was that I really didn’t know where to start so nothing was actually getting done.

Vanessa started the day finding out about me and what my visions and aspirations are, and what stage my business was currently at. We then went through all the ways I can grow my business in a very systematic and logical manner and with a clear focus on who my customers are. This meant that when I left, I had a clear prioritised action plan with timescales to aim for.

I now have an ordered marketing plan which makes sense to me and I feel I can tackle. Vanessa even put me in touch with other business owners who shared their experience in some of the similar tasks that I am planning.

As I have much more clarity on my marketing plan, I feel that I am more focused with my time.

Chig Amin
Epsom Dental Centre

Invaluable in helping me to grow my business

Since I have known Vanessa, she has been invaluable in helping me to grow my business.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Vanessa to any aspiring businesses owner looking for help in moving their business forward.

Adrian Dadds
St Georges Finance

A huge, positive impact on my business

From the moment I met Vanessa she has had a huge, positive impact on my business and I've seen it grow month on month ever since. I can't afford not to use Vanessa. She always delivers. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Her advice just works.

Gavin Thorn
Founder Gavin Thorn Photography

Vivacious, interested and interesting

Vivacious, interested and interesting, Vanessa’s impressive list of contacts and network brings extra value to any project which needs additional support as well as the creative services that she provides. You have been warned. If you work with CProject Ltd it is almost inevitable that you are going to have a thoroughly enjoyable time in great company and achieve outstanding results.

Adam Workman
Partner, Wheelers Solicitors

Consolidate our thinking and discuss our direction…

I approached Vanessa because I had heard her speak and I liked her energy. I knew I needed to have a clearer plan as I had so much energy and too many priorities.

The day was a useful review of our avatars and a great opportunity for both of us Directors to consolidate our thinking and discuss our direction. I am clearer now on my steps forward and the need to breakdown the marketing into phases rather than try and do everything immediately.This will make things more manageable and build our client base more thoroughly.

Vanessa's dynamic, insightful and practical approach clarified our thinking and when implemented brought direct and positive results to our business. Thoroughly worthwhile.

Karin Slater
Director, Figura Ltd

Full of energy and ideas

Vanessa is full of energy and ideas and will give it to you straight.

For anyone wishing to grow their business she will tell you what to focus on, how to improve it, and get you to commit to the changes needed.

She's been there and done it, and has helped many others to do the same.

Alison Reeve
Tortoise and Hare

Engaging, fired up and passionate

Vanessa is one of the most engaging, fired up and passionate business and marketing speakers I have heard on the circuit. She is very inspirational and not surprisingly she is already a leading business growth advisor.

Andrew Smith
Founder, ASM

Incredible enthusiasm for what she does

Vanessa's incredible enthusiasm for what she does, the energy she puts in to the business and the results she achieves; I defy anyone to not get some good ideas as to how they can move their business forward!

Keith Hern
Founder, Keith Hern Photography

Open minded and responsive

Open minded and responsive, Vanessa's marketing background gives her the tools to think outside of the ordinary and challenge convention.

Tim Ostle
Commercial director, Charterhouse School

We'll continue to tap into Vanessa' knowledge

Vanessa’s input has had a significant impact on our business and we'll continue to tap into Vanessa' knowledge to help take us forward. Well worth the investment.

Jean-Claude Vacassin
Founder, W10 Performance

One of the most dynamic people I know

Vanessa is one of the most dynamic people I know ... with the energy, commitment and skills to drive any project forward to a successful conclusion. To top it all, she's great fun! I would happily put my trust in Vanessa for any project; if she doesn’t have the answer she will go and find it, learn it, or create it.

Keith Thomas
Senior Producer and Director, Sightline video and interactive media

Never missed a deadline ... !

Vanessa helped me develop my ideas and simplify my message in a way that really engaged with my target audience. I had very tight deadlines to meet and my goodness, Vanessa kept me on track and delivered! No longer do clients ask for client testimonials or delay decisions. My report fees have increased both in number and size and increasing my bottom line by £30,000 this year alone. When Vanessa says ‘she has never missed a deadline', she means it!

Mike Marigold
Managing director, Montgomery Charles

The proof of the pudding – it worked!

I would highly recommend having a Buttkicker – in fact, I think you should re name it Brutal Buttkicker! It’s just always worth getting advice from someone who is completely objective rather than from inside the business. Something good is going to come out of it no matter what you do or what the subject is. For me, the proof was in the pudding - it worked!

Will Baker
Director, White Rose Automotive

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